Friday, July 6, 2012

Newlyweds Tradition In Ukraine

The attack of the newlyweds. Taken from the top of St. Michael's bell tower

Come Saturdays and Sundays and the streets in Ukraine will see many newlyweds couples in the churches, parks and other public spaces to get their photos taken by their wedding photographers.

Instead of having pre-wedding photo session, the couples hold post-wedding photo session. They go from one place to another in their dresses and suits, seeming oblivious to the damage they cause to their outfits.

They are just everywhere. Taken in St. Sophia's complex

In Indonesia, most couples usually take pictures during the wedding reception, where they would stay on a stage and the guests would queue to take pictures with them. Recently there has been a trend to do the pre-wed photos.

When I took a trip to Odesa, I found them too. Or perhaps it was them who found me :P

But this Ukraine tradition is so cool, definitely something I can try on my wedding day (whenever that is) :).

I asked Dima about wedding tradition in Ukraine, the size of the wedding party etc etc. He said that it usually depended on the couples, whether they wanted to have a big/small wedding. 

"Recently, I hear many couples are taking honeymoon abroad, such as to Indonesia's Bali," he said.

Inside St. Michael. This couple remind me of my colleagues Adt and Esutoru:)

I love seeing how the couples' faces lit up with happiness. I hope the photos taken on that day will always be a reminder to them on the merry beginning of their marriage.

My friend Fani kindly asked a couple if I could take a picture with them. They said yes. If anyone wondering why I went to Ukraine, I could always say,"Oh, I attended my bestfriend's wedding Sasha and Elena." :)

Anyway, do you have any plans this weekend? There won't be any newlyweds walking on the streets of Jakarta for you to snap pictures of, but here are a few ideas on things you can do:

-- If you like string instruments, go to the concert of Taman Suropati Chamber on July 7 at 7:30 p.m. at Jakarta Playhouse. I've written several articles about them, so I'm very excited to hear about the concert. I might go if I got the ticket today.

-- JakCloth 2012 will feature more than 200 indie clothing brands, five music stages, BMX - skateboard, fingerboard. July 5-8. Parkir Timur Senayan. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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