Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Between Andriyivsky And Mariyinsky

After a very packed city tour with Dima on June 9, I looked forward to a more relaxed tour the next day with Fani. The day kicked off with bright sunshine, but then thunderstorm came, followed by a blackout. When Fani came, we decided to wait for the rain to stop and played domino. Hahaha. 

Oh well, it's a holiday anyway. Just enjoy the moment.

When the rain was cleared, we went to Andriyivsky uzviz (Andrew's Descent), a street often dubbed as the Montmartre of Kiev. Not really sure what it means for I've never been to Montmartre :P. Anyway, below are some photos I took. Enjoy!

A few days ago I found photos of Andrew's Descent in infrared. Below is just one of them. You can see more by clicking on the link 

Found here

From Andriyivsky uzviz, we headed to Mariyinsky Park. We simply sat there and enjoyed the greenery. Ahh, c'est la vie :).

One of the perks of traveling to Europe in summer is you can stumble upon festivities everywhere. This musical festival held in Mariyinsky Park was titled Euro Pischeny Vernissage.

 The Love Bridge. Read more about it here. By the way, the girl in white shirt and baseball hat is Fani.

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