Monday, July 2, 2012

Along The Dnieper River

Hi there! This morning the traffic was a bit relaxed. Perhaps everyone was watching the Euro Cup finals and woke up late? This week, I'm going back to my posts on Ukraine.
During the city tour the other day, we often drove along Dnieper River. We even crossed the bridges that connect Right Bank and Left Bank.The Right Bank is where the old town and cool things are, such as the St. Michael, St. Sophie and Kiev Pechersk Lavra. So what's in the Left Bank? It's just a residential area.*Yawn*

Sasha was speeding as we crossed the bridges between Right Bank and Left Bank. But it still took us some time to reach the other side. When I asked Sasha how long the bridge was, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Probably 3 kilometers."  

"Your favorite writer, Gogol, once wrote that 'it's a rare bird that can fly to the middle of Dnieper river',"  Dima said. Gogol is not exactly my favorite writer, but I get the point: Dnieper is a big river!

Dnieper River is the fourth longest river in Europe, after Volga, Danube and Ural. Flowing from Russia, through Belarus and Ukraine, to the Black Sea, Dnieper River spans at 2,285 kilometers, with 1,095 kilometers lies within Ukraine.

A few days later, when the weather was bright and sunny (I experienced a thunderstorm and a blackout on June 10, quite scary), I decided to board a boat cruising along Dnieper River. This time I went with Mbak Ida and Mbak Sul, Mbak Ida's friend.

A one-hour boat ride along Dnieper River usually cost around 50 Ukrainian hryvnia. But we got lucky for we had one hour and forty minutes boat ride for the same amount of money. Here are the photos.

 St. Andrew

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Graffiti along the riverbanks
A plot of sandy riverbank where people lay under the sun and get some sun factor.

By the way, if you check in the Internet, most capitals of Eastern Europe countries are located near rivers. Warsaw of Poland is located on Vistula River, Prague of Czech Republic is on the Vltava River, Minsk of Belarus is on Svislach and Niamiha River, Vienna of Austria and Bratislava of Slovakia are on Danube River. Rivers are indeed the cradle of civilization.

After the boat ride was over, I asked Mbak Ida if she'd like to accompany me to the sandy riverbank. She said yes. So off we went to the other side of the river by crossing the pedestrian bridge.

Crossing the pedestrian bridge

We got there, found ourselves a spot under the trees and just enjoyed the shirtless bodies euh I mean the river view XD.

Hope you have a sunny day too!

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