Monday, June 27, 2011

Amidst The Flora

Hello, sunshine! Have you went to the 2011 Flona (Flora and Fauna) Exhibition (I told you Indonesians like acronyms)? 

I attended an event in Hotel Borobudur, and as I walked along Lapangan Banteng (Banteng Square), I saw the lush greenery of the Flona exhibition calling me. So I took a 30-minute walk into the park. And here are the photos.

The venue is Taman Lapangan Banteng

Abang-None Jakarta? The girl should have been me (Yeah, right).

 Orchids. Oh love!

Cacti. Sold at Rp 5,000 (around 50 cents USD) per pot (except the cabbage-like ones, it's Rp 15,000)

A bee pollinates the flower (practicing my macro shot)

More bees (and more macro shot) :)

Frankentree? (The paper says Lengkeng 4-in-1 since there are four types of lengkeng in this tree) :P

The Menteng area in Jakarta is named after this tree. The vendor says that the fruit is sweet. Actually, many areas in Jakarta are named after the trees, such as Gandaria, Duren Sawit, Kelapa Gading.

The exhibition will last until July 27. 

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