Monday, June 13, 2011

Keizoku Wa Chikara Nari*

*It is a Japanese proverb. In English it means "perseverance is a way to success"

Last Saturday, I got an assignment to cover a Japanese speech competition. At first, I thought I would fall asleep during the speeches. But I was so wrong since the participants turned out to have the most inspiring speech themes.

Before I continue babbling, let me just get this straight: I've forgotten all the Japanese words I learned in the Japanese course I took in 1998. I was so lucky that there was a big screen displaying the speech text in Bahasa. Otherwise, I'd be lost in Japanese.

Back to the competition.

The themes of the speeches are varying, from self improvement to the superstitions that both Indonesia and Japan share. Do you know that Japanese also has superstitions that one cannot cut nails at night and that when kids lose their top baby teeth, they should bury it? I just knew  those that day. But I digress.

Let's get back to the title, shall we?

One of the participants used the title above for her speech. She told about how she quitted doing karate in high school because she never won any competition. But when she entered university and took drama class, her lecturer told her about the proverb, which encouraged her to focus on the class.

Her hard work was paid off as she was appointed to represent her class to Japan for a program on drama. Unfortunately, due to the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last March, the program was cancelled.

"Despite the cancellation, I am very impressed by the proverb because it is true that if you persist on a subject, you will get the rewards one day," she said.

It was a well-written and well-delivered speech I had to wipe my tears. Yeah, I'm a crier *grin*. But you know what? The girl won first prize in the speech competition! She and the second winner will go to Japan for one week in October.

She was so surprised on her victory she broke into tears. And she kept crying throughout the photo session. Aww, it made me cry again. Congratulation, dear girl! You deserved it for being perseverance and telling the audience about it.

I wonder how things are in Japan. I read this several weeks ago. Aren't Japanese people an amazing nation or what? *hands down*

Now will you excuse me for I will be shouting "Ganbatte" (Do your best) and "Ganbarimasu" (I shall do my best) in the next few days *wears sunrise head band while perusing the scholarship websites*.

Have a persevering Monday!


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  2. ai, apa kabar? lama gak dengar (atau baca) blognya. neng rieke baik2 aja?
    iya nih coba tampilan baru:)
    sabtu tgl 18 kebetulan libur (alhamdulillah). ok, insya Allah kita ketemu di sana ya

  3. bad news... sabtu ini ada acara dadakan... ckck, ngajak tapi ngebatalin sendiri.. maaf ya tiiiif... Tifa aja yang datang, tar aku di share yaaaa...

  4. waduhhh, turut swdih mendengarnya. baiklah, aku usahain datang. bagi yang mo ketemuan sama pemilik blogs ini (narsisme kumat, abaikan!) , datang ya ke acara yang di atas, hehehe..