Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten Things I Love About 46 Bus (Route: Cililitan-Grogol)

A series of 46 bus sketches made by Indonesian artist Toni Malakian, who resides in Florida, the U.S.  See more of Toni's works here.

As much as I love taking busway to and from office, I also love taking the 46 buses (Route: Cililitan-Grogol).  Below are some of the things I love about the ex-Japan bus.

1. It has low step
2. It has wide space for standing passengers
3. It has hand grips on the seats, easy to grab for people with certain height
4. It has good lighting, compared to the half-dark and gloomy P6 buses
5. It has slide up-down windows. Therefore, standing passengers can also feel the wind breezing in.
6. Some of the 46 buses have more than two doors
7. The seats are more comfortable
8. There are 30 units of this 46 bus, so I don't have to wait for too long
9. Sometimes, the buskers playing in the 46 buses have good voices:)
10. After 10 p.m., the 46 buses with C letter go to their pool in Cakung, East Jakarta, which is near my home.

Unfortunately, with Corridor 9 and 10 in operation, the administration sees that the traffic is getting worse and decides to stop the operation of the several buses, including the 46 buses that run on the same road as Corridor 9 does, starting February. 

On the Corridor 9, the administration will stop PPD AC 13 (Kampung Rambutan-Muara Angke), PPD P37 (Blok M-Muara Angke), Mayasari Bhakti P6B (Kampung Rambutan-Muara Angke), P6A (Kampung Rambutan-Kalideres), P6 (Kampung Rambutan-Grogol), P39 (Grogol-Bekasi), AC26 (Grogol-Bekasi), and AC74 (Kampung Rambutan-Tangerang)

On Corridor 10, the administration will stop PPD 43 (Cililitan-Tanjung Priok), PPD 41 (Kampung Rambutan-Senen), AC18 (Pulogadung-Depok). Mayasari Bhakti P8 and 8A (Kampung Rambutan-Tanjung Priok), AC07 (Kampung Rambutan-Tanjung Priok), AC82 (Tanjung Priok-Depok), AC-25 (Tanjung Priok-Bekasi), AC-04 (Kampung Rambutan-Kota), P17A (Kampung Rambutan-Mangga Dua), and P50 (Pulogadung-Tanjung Priok).

Steady Safe 948 bus (Kampung Melayu-Tanjugpriok), AC67 (Kampung Rambutan-Kota), dan AC65 (Tanjung Priok-Blok M). Agung Bakti AC120 (Blok M-Tanjung Priok), P89 (Blok M- Tanjung Priok), dan P 954 (Blok M-Tanjung Priok).

I am worried now because my work schedule can last until 10 p.m., while the busway operates until 9.30 p.m. Dear Governor Fauzi Bowo, if you read this, please consider the night transportation for workers who have unfixed working schedules like I do.

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