Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Need To Bathe At Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom

It seems that restaurant owners are getting more creative in making interior concepts. After the apartment-themed restaurant, I heard about a bathroom-themed restaurant called Nanny's Pavillon. One of the owners said that her extended family often held Sunday gathering in their pavillion. During the gathering, each family bring each person's favorite dish. So the menu has the person's name. For example, argh I forgot the menu, but it sounds something like Grandma's chicken pot roast.

They already have opened several restaurants. The one in Bandung is garden-themed, and the one in CityWalk Thamrin is all about the livingroom. The owner was planning to open the barn-themed restaurant soon. But before that, let's check the bathroom:).

Cousine Dina and my friend Nanda enjoy sitting on the toilet-turned-chairs. Well, at least one of them do:)

Bath tub is turned into tables and bath robes are hanging on the walls

We kinda like this sink and want to make it in our homes one day

Before going there with my cousin and friend, I was invited by the owner to sample the food. Below are some of the meals. Unfortunately, I forgot their names. So if you know them, please write down in the comment box, it will be greatly appreciated:).

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