Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Home Is Where Sparrows Chirp, Frogs Croak And Cats Confer

Dear friends, do you ever have a pet? I used to have rabbits (but stray cats ate them) and gooses (no, you don't need eyeglasses, I really had gooses as my pets, but then my neighbor's dog ate them, only one goose survived). After I went to high school I got very busy and had to stop having pets. So I gave the only surviving goose to my uncle who had a farm. I hope the goose had a wonderful life there.

M&D and I never take birds as pets because we believe they are born to fly freely. But guess what we always find in our house despite the fact that, thanks to D (I secretly believe that D is of Gypsy descent), we have been moving in and out of several houses in the last couple of years? 

Source: here

Hello, sparrows! There is nothing more beautiful than being awoken by their chirps. These small birds are always on the run, either building their nests, playing with their mates or simply flying around like some intoxicated animals. Where do these small birds get the energy?

Recently, D built fish ponds and put several fishes, such as ikan mas (gold fish), ikan lele (catfish), and ikan patin (also a kind of catfish, but larger than lele). However, instead of finding baby fishes, we have been finding tadpoles and frogs in the ponds. Now we can have an orchestra of frogs every time the rain falls:).

Since D and I have asthma, we never consider taking cats as our pets. But we always have stray cats around. Let me show you exhibit A: a photo of a cat's conference I recently took:). Somehow I imagine hearing the three cats on the right say,"Yes, Sir!" LOL.


  1. I have had a few hamsters. The last one was "Toro sentado" ("Sitting bull"), but now, Toro Sentado is living in the hamsters heaven. I Suppose that in the future, when my son would be grow up. Best regards from Spain.

  2. wkwkwk... tif, kucingnya baris gitu??... bener2 tuh si hitam kepala genknya ya...

    teteangga rumahku punya pohon rambutan besar, jadi kalo burung kayak gitu udah sering liat, dia seringmenclok di halaman rumah (tapi skrg gak sebanyak dulu)
    aku gak sah miara burung pun dah banyak suara kicau burung, tetangga depan rumah punya burung yang suka nyanyi, ya lumayan lah wlw cuma dgr suaranya.

    plus atu lagi, makanan burungnya dintaranya jangkrik yg masih hidup, jadinya aku sering denger suara itu pas hari gelap, serasa di kampung, wkwkwk

  3. santiago, i never have hamsters, are they easy to take care of? so, what are you going to buy nico for a pet? the sad part about having pets is the animals have shorter life term than humans.

    ai, iya, lucu banget ya. ini aku ambil pas mo berangkat. entah kenapa para kucing suka nongkrong di rumahku:).