Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lukman And Rika's Wedding

Lukman and Rika's love story was unique, well at least for me (Lukman is my cousin). They joined a seminar around four years ago, but they didn't really meet face to face. After the seminar was over, Lukman went to Batam, Riau island, while Rika was in Jakarta, Java island. The seminar's committee shared the participants' contact numbers to the participants. Lukman added Rika in his YahooMessenger, they chatted online and found something in common. 

When Lukman went to Jakarta (for holiday and visit his parents), they finally met. On that very same day they met, Lukman went to Rika's house and met her parents. Two months later, he proposed. And several months later they got married! Here are the photos I took on their wedding day, which was on Dec. 5, 2010. Congratulation, Lukman and Rika!

They look nervous:)

Ijab kabul (wedding vow): I wed you with this dowry, paid in cash

The man put the wedding ring on his wife's finger

The marriage papers

The wedding venue was Omah Sendok


The dress code said: "wear white and be relaxed":)

Lukman and Rika have a blogs, but mostly written in Bahasa Indonesia. Click here to visit their blogs, and here for more wedding day photos.


  1. :D
    thanks mba tiiifff...msh ada lg gak foto2nya??
    mau doong kalo adaa hehehee

  2. sama-sama, sayang. yang lainnya agak blur, jadi gak kuposting. btw diupdate dong blogsnya:)