Monday, January 3, 2011

I Heart These Resolutions

Hello sweets, how was your New Year party? Or did you have a party? I had a cold and stayed in bed because I had to work on the first day of the year (Yup, you read me right, I worked on Jan. 1, 2011, sometimes I don't like my job).

Do you make resolutions? I used to posted them in my old blogs. In the recent years, I felt a bit reluctant to do that because if my goals were not fulfilled, I'd be pissed off on myself. Now, I simply take great joys in doing what I do.

While I no longer write down resolutions, they have always been my favorite subjects. I read them here, there and everywhere as a year came to a close. Here are some funny resolutions I've found recently. Perhaps you can use some for your own resolution. Happy reading:)

The hilarious resolution. Found here

The one that makes me go "aww". Found here


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