Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Open Water Experience In Sangiang Island, Anyer

Photo by Satya DW (Thanks, Satya). Source: here

When I told you that I spent my New Year's eve trying to recover from cold and influenza, it was not just for being able to work the next day. There was a higher reason: I was supposed to have my first open water experience in Sangiang Island on Jan. 2.

My instructors were a bit panic when they knew I had runny nose just three days before the departure date. As I've written before, divers should equalize, and with runny nose, that wouldn't be possible. In fact, it is forbidden to dive when you're not fit. 

So I spent those three days eating, sleeping and resting well. As a result, the runny nose was gone, although the cough still lingered. But at least I could equalize. Open water, here I came!

Since we had to leave early in the morning, I stayed at Peeyutz's place on Jan. 1. We set the alarm for 02.30 a.m., left the house at 03.30 and arrived at the base camp by 04.00. That was my earliest departure, especially since I woke up late for my Ende journey. I was so proud of myself!

We drove for three hours to Anyer, then took one-hour boat ride to Sangiang Island. The boat crew threw the anchor, we set up our gears and plunged into the sea. In early January, the current is strong and the wave is high. As a result, I threw up four times, with one was done underwater.

Now, admit it, you don't know that you can throw up underwater, do you? I simply took my regulator, threw up and put the regulator back into my mouth. Everyone was amazed that I could remain composure. Hell, I was even more amazed by my own calmness. Now that I've thrown up underwater, I wonder what it feels like to throw up in a space ship:).

The underwater world is like out of this world, with mesmerizing corals, anemones and fishes. You like Finding Nemo? Well, I spotted several clown fishes brushing themselves against the anemones. Real clown fishes in their habitat, not animation movie. And I saw many other fishes that I didn't know. It is amazing.  I'm loving it!

Sorry for the lack of underwater photos, perhaps it is a sign that I should buy underwater camera, hahaha. But not in the near future, because seriously, I need to save money for next month's reunion event.

This is what I'd like to call Sangiang Aftermath:). From left to right: Kia, Alin, me, Peeyutz, Wamul, Wiwid (yellow shirt), Bima (black shirt, tallest), Patra, Anda, Kiki, Satya DW (Thanks for the photos, Satya) and Zaldy.

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