Monday, January 10, 2011

Dinner With Al Gore

Nobel laureate and former US vice president Al Gore came to Jakarta last weekend for a climate change-related event and I was assigned to the event. He spoke in front of 350 green activists and had dinner with government officials, businessmen and NGOs. Now, rather than giving you a boring post on my job, I would like to post photos of the meal served during the dinner:).

Home smoked salmon with wasabi dressing, celery and Granny Smith apple timbale. (The menu says smoked salmon, but it looks pretty raw. Still, I loved it. I'd rather eat raw fish than raw meat. Beef carpaccio, I was so happy you were not in the menu)

Butternut pumpkin soup with vegetable tortellini (Also liked this one).

Pan fried chicken breast, pommery mustard sauce, risotto croquette, creamy spinach and mushroom. (It looked very delicious, but the inner part was still half done. I couldn't finish the chicken, but the sauce, me likey:))

Citrus delight lime & mint brulee, grapefruit sherbet, crispy almond tuile, orange chocolate tart with candied peels. (The brulee was great, the sherbet was bitter, the chocolate tart is extremely sweet and I didn't eat the almond tuile. Really disappointed with the dessert.)

A toast to Mr. Al Gore


  1. In Spain is ver y soon but if you have a baby, you can write every time. I thought that Al Gore was vegetarían like Larry Ellison (Oracle)..... Did Al Gore say something about Apple (the company)? Regards from Madrid

  2. hola santiago, how is nico doing?

    al gore didn't say anything about apple, but he addressed the issue of chili peppers. in indonesia, the price of 1 kilogram of chili peppers recently reached Rp 80,000 (around US$8), which was even more expensive than 1 kilogram of beef (Rp 70,000 or US$7).

    he linked the rising prices with climate change, saying that climate change resulted in failed harvests that led to rising prices. he also said,"as a result, people couldn't afford to buy their chili peppers, even i didn't get one tonight." LOL. cheers to the chili peppers:)