Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Corridor 9 TransJakarta

Jakarta administration finally launched the highly-anticipated Corridor 9 TransJakarta on Dec. 31. Yay! *dancing like no one's watching* 

Now, if you're not a Jakartan, you must be wondering what the hell is Corridor 9 TransJakarta? I suggest you to read this and this.

I tried it last week because Corridor 9 connects my home area (not exactly near my home, to be precise the Jakarta area that borders with my home area, hahaha) with my office area. I hopped on to the bus from the BNN bus stop in Cawang, which is very convenient because it lies near the ground.

Very convenient, isn't it?

There are two TransJakarta buses, the gray buses and the orange ones, going through this bus stop. If you want to use Corridor 9, make sure you hop on to the orange buses.

Here comes the bus

What I really like about the buses in Corridor 9 is that they have reachable hand grips for people with certain height (I am 1.57-meter tall). Very comfortable.

Now, if only Jakarta and Bekasi administrations cooperate and make TransBekasi, my life as a happy commuter will be complete:).

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