Monday, January 10, 2011


Jakarta has a new cultural place called @america, the U.S. cultural center, which is aimed to engage Indonesian students as well as professionals. Located on the third floor of Pacific Place Mall, it currently spans at approximately 600 square meters, featuring state-of-the-art technologies.

Upon entering the center, you are required to give your bag to be X-Rayed. On my first visit, I could bring my bag inside the center because I entered as a journo. But when I went the next day as a visitor I had to leave my bag on the shelves before the entrance.

Anyway, that kind of safety measure is actually lighter compared to the one applied in the US Embassy. Trust me, I went to the embassy several times and if you think getting into the embassy was difficult, getting out of there quickly was even more difficult. Also, it is very difficult to take pictures inside the embassy.

Back to @america. I met a friend, well let's call her Pilus (don't ask me why I give her that nickname, because I already forgot). Since she works there, I asked her to give me a tour:). 

There is a corner where you can browse in iPad till you crush. The center has around 60 iPad ready to use. You only have to register yourself as a member. When I finally laid my fingers on that gadget, I went a bit ga ga, but after a few minutes, the feeling faded. My friend Nanda said it was actually like iPod with larger screen. And, quoting my friend Windy, "it's bulky, eww" *imagining a Star Trek-like gadget that is lightweight and slim*.  

Can you see that shelves with black boards in the background? Well, those are iPads:)

People can try this Google Map Earth that features several architectural wonders, such as Taj Mahal and Forbidden City. Unfortunately, it's not the real time, but compiled images. I tried to locate my home, but it didn't turn out well. 

The center has just been launched recently so it has yet to have many activities. I told Pilus that it would be great to hold movie screening there. Not the Hollywood movies (we can watch those in 21cineplex or BlitzMegaplex), but the independent movies that are difficult to obtain here.

Being a culture addict, I'm glad to see places like this blooming in the city as they give spaces to learn, share and hang out:).

For more information, visit their official website:

Here's a video of the launching.

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