Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Do You Do On Sunday?

The good thing about living in Indonesia is that the country has five official religions: Islam, Catholic, Christian, Hindu and Buddha. Therefore, we have many holidays, such as Idul Fitri and Idul Adha, Christmas and Easter, Day of Silence and Waisak. 

Tomorrow will see the birth of Prophet Muhammad, so we'll be having a long weekend. Wait, it's only partly true, most of us will be having a long weekend, while some unlucky ones may still be working.

While we're still on the subject of holiday, it reminds me of a conversation I had with Imo, one of the editors, about pre and post weekend/holiday conversations. The Australian woman said that she and her friends usually told each other about their weekend/holiday activities on Monday. Then on Friday, they would tell each other about their weekend plans. It seems weekends and holidays are the big thing. 

After all, they have 20 days of leave per year. In Indonesia, we only have 12 days of leave. What can we do for a twelve-day holiday? The rich and the well to do can go abroad. But the rest of us  do not have the money and the opportunity for a decent holiday.

And no, we don't have that kind of conversation here in Indonesia. Not that I know of. Well, I seldom hear about that holiday talk. Why? Because holiday activities are so obvious here. Either we visit our parents back home in the villages or waking up late or do household chores that we neglect during the weekday or hanging out in the shopping malls.

My newspaper recently make a new column on how famous people spend their Sunday or holiday. Whenever I talk to a celebrity or a politician, the answer is the same: they are working on the weekend. and they barely take holiday. I think this nation needs a break from all kind of work activities. Sunday (or any day off) is the time to unwind your mind so that you can have a fresh start on Monday. 

So what do you do this coming Sunday?

A university friend suggested meet-up at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle on Feb. 28. I think I'll go. And after that, I'll meet with the violinist community, who regularly hold performance during the Car Free Day. LOL, see what I mean? I can not think of a perfect day off without planning to get a work done.

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