Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten Things Why You Should ( Or Should Not) Be A Journalist

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Feb. 9 is National Press Day here. After working in the media for six years (gasp, it's been six years, really?), I can say that being a journalist is not easy, especially here in Indonesia. So here is 10 things on why you should or should not be a journalist.

10 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Become A Journalist
10 Reasons Why You Do Want To Become A Journalist
You work long hours
You get a front seat to historical events
You work for pittance
You get front row seat, literally, to many shows and sporting events
It's a very stressful work
You get to meet a lot of interesting people
Society doesn't appreciate your profession. You're as bad as lawyers and politicians but at least they are well-paid. They think you're just as corrupt
You get to travel to many interesting places

Your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband thinks you're weird
You know things before most other people do, and you get to tell the stories to these people
Your parents/in-laws (or would be in-laws) are ashamed of you, to the point of wanting to disown you
Increasingly (but slowly) it's becoming a respectable profession, thanks to Reformasi and commercial TV
Your neighbors think of you more as a gossip monger
You get to use every knowledge you learned and posses
Your friends feel sorry for you at first, and then forget about you
You get invited a lot
You have no social life

Many people want to befriend you because they think you're powerful (although you're not really)
You have no life
It's fun, adventurous and, sometimes, even dangerous. It's a challenging job.
Courtesy of Endy M. Bayuni, chief editor at The Jakarta Post

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