Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rains, Lightnings and Thunders

 (Source: www.kompas.com)

It is a common belief that the day of Chinese New Year should have abundant rain or the year will not have much prosperity. Well, I witnessed the rain and the thunderstorm at my home on Sunday and Monday. So it should be one hell of a prosperous year.

Thunderstorm never fails to amaze me. The combination of light crossing the sky and raucous sound a few seconds later is like orchestra music to me. It's just so beautiful. 

I used to be afraid of the thunderstorms. But when I was five years old, I moved to Bekasi, some 35 km away from the capital city of Jakarta. Then I am grown to be used to it. I mean, almost every rain that falls at my home brings lightning and thunder around. 

M and I used to have theories on this sky phenomenon. She has lived in Jakarta and Kebumen before moving to the suburban area of Bekasi, so she knows that this lightning thing does not always happen during the rain. 

Recently I read National Geographic magazine and found an interesting information that there is a place in Venezuela (or is it another country in South America? Bless my short term memory) that has regular thunderstorms thanks to the low pressure and is rich in methane.

Methane? Well, in that case, there is Bantar Gebang dumpsite in Bekasi where we can find abundant methane supply to create lightning. Problem is solved, I guess.

But Bekasi is not the most thunderous place in Indonesia. Here's another information I found in the internet: "The sites with greatest occurrence of electrical storms in the world are El Bagre, in Antioquia, Colombia (270 days per year); Tororo, Uganda (251 days), and Bogor, in Java, Indonesia (223 days)."

If only there is a way to harvest those lightnings, I believe we won't be having further electrical blackoutsin the future. I hope it won't be flooding this time.

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