Monday, February 8, 2010

Pick-Up Lines

Girls are (usually) audio persons. The right pick-up line can work wonders. It doesn't have to be romantic bullshit, but it surely has to resonate with the girl's personality, either witty, humorous or sarcastic. (Please note that wolf whistles certainly don't work). I recently found these funny pick-up lines taken from True Blood series. Enjoy!

- Baby, you make my blood rush to my stomach
- Who needs a mirror when you're looking at me like that?
- You're so hot. I can only sip you slowly.
- I like your friend too, but you just taste better
- You must be my type 'cos I usually suck at this
- Lady, if looks can kill, you can look at me forever
- If I say you're sexy, will you say 'bite me'?
- Forget sunrise, let's make love all night long
- You're so full of life, I want to drink it all up
- If I turn into a bat, will you fly into the moonlight with me?
- Can I buy you a drink? Then drink it out of you?
- I can tell you like older men. Is 1,000 years old enough?

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