Friday, February 12, 2010

No Longer The Sixty Million Rupiah Girl

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I find it hard to commit to something (or someone, which is probably the reason I am still single until the age of 30). I had switched jobs every 1.5 years since 2004. So when the HRD person of the company I applied in 2007 said that I would have to stick with the company two years after I was confirmed permanent or I had to pay Rp 60 million of fines (it was approximately US$6,000 in 2007), I went a bit freaked out. I tried to hide it, but my hand was shivering as I signed the contract. I don't know about you but Rp 60 million is a huge amount of money for me.
My probation period was one year before I was confirmed a permanent. So it was a total of three years of commitment. *shivers*

Fortunately, I was not the only person who had to undergo this 3-year contract. as there were six other cubreporters: Adt, Amr/Nisamoto, Wda, Dic, Lln and Ndr/Peeyutz.

We used to call ourselves as the Seven Samurai. Hahaha. Nisamoto, Wda, Lln and I used to have lunch together because we brought lunchboxes from home, and thus the four of us had this Lunchbox Club. We all support each other. But last year, Nisamoto decided to end the contract as she wants to do something she likes: teaching.

Well, the signing took place on Feb. 12, 2007, exactly three years ago. I made it! We made it!

Adt suggested hanging out to celebrate our so-called freedom. Perhaps we will hit a 24-hour coffee shop later. But having the coffee or not, I'm officially free!

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