Monday, February 22, 2010

Couple Talk #1

Perhaps this is the kind of conversation people have after being married for more than 30 years.

(source: here)

Situation: A couple was sitting in the living room, the man watched TV, the woman read a book. Suddenly, the phone rang.

Wife : Hey, it's probably (insert name here). He phoned earlier today, said wanted to talk to you.
Husband : (pretended not to hear, switched TV channels)
The phone rang again and again. Husband showed no sign of getting up his chair.
Wife : (grumbled and picked up the phone) Hello. What? Oh, sorry, we have yet to need any internet service here. We have received so many offers, but no, thank you. (put down the receiver)
Husband : See, it's not for me.
Wife : You could at least pick up the phone first.
Husband : Most phonecalls coming into this house are for you, darling.
Wife : But what's wrong about picking up the phone? This is your house too.
Husband : (silent, switched channels again)
Few minutes of silence and peace.
Wife : Are you going to have dinner or not?
Husband : No
Wife : Why?
Husband : I don't want to eat now. By the way, the way you pose the question is similar to a security guard.

Me? I was reading a magazine and tried my best to suppress my laughter upon hearing the conversation.

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